Mission Complete: Joystiq’s On Flipboard

Being entertaining is practically a requirement when writing about video games. After all, you’d better have a good reason to ask diehard gamers to put down the controller.

Founded in 2004, gaming site Joystiq brought depth and sophistication to passionate players eager for the latest news and reviews. With sharp editorial oversight and a playful wit, Joystiq’s writing reflects the essential component of great gameplay: goal-oriented storytelling.

As gamers themselves, Joystiq reporters cooly approach the gaming world’s many complexities and stay attuned to its broad reach beyond the screen. Like many contemporary games, their pieces give readers enough information to make their own decisions.

Today Joystiq’s running archive of gaming gold is waiting to be discovered on Flipboard, where it’s been paginated for your two-dimensional enjoyment at the tap of the button below.

~ShonaS is reading “SPAIN, ESPAÑA, ESPAGNE…”