Woof! Magazines About Dogs (for the Humans Who Love Them)


It’s no secret that dog-lovers love to share their passion for their pets. But the world of canine appreciation is not monolithic. In fact, it consists of many distinct sub-tribes, each dedicated to a specific breed of dog.

This makes sense, since it’s obvious at a glance that owning a Chihuahua is a very different experience than living with, say, an English Mastiff. That may also go a long way toward explaining why there are Flipboard magazines dedicated to such a wide variety of canine breeds.

For example, John Barnes created a magazine about the “lovable, affectionate, gentle and intelligent” Golden Retriever:


Fileppi is partial to Weimaraners, so naturally he boasts that they are “the most beautiful dogs in the world”:


Dan Berends created a magazine for Boston Terrier fans:


On the less rugged side of the spectrum, Arthur van Hoff’s magazine is all about (cough cough) Wieners — “the dachshund kind”:


Don’t see your preferred breed here? There may already be a Flipboard magazine about it; just type the breed into Flipboard search box to find your favorite. If a magazine doesn’t already exist, just create your own. Flipboard magazines are easy, they’re fun and they never require walking.